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Folding Campfire Stand

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The Folding Campfire Stand is first of all a very unique firepit. It is designed to be portable and lightweight but still with the focus on experiencing the fire, safety and durability.

With the special features we have designed for the Folding Campfire Stand  it is more than just a firepit. It makes theFolding Campfire Stand perfect for cooking outdoors and to enjoy it with friends and family.

What makes the Folding Campfire Stand special?

  •  The Fire bag keeps the fire safe from the wind while at the same time providing oxygen to the fire and radiating out its heat.
  •  The Frame is strong and lightweight but still folds down very compact.
  •  The cooking features specially designed for the Folding Campfire Stand . Also with the focus on quality and portability.

 Except for the handle of the spit which is made out of walnut wood. All the parts and features of the Folding Campfire Stand are made out of 304 stainless steel. This makes them very durable and with some clever design we also managed to keep it potable and light

Firepit design

  •  Frame 


The frame of the Folding Campfire Stand is built up out of 4 foldable legs that on their turn can be folded to make the frame as compact as possible. Being completely made out of 304 Stainless steel they are very durable and because of the designed shape of the legs it is possible to make them out of very thin steel plate with out losing too much structural integrity.

On the top part of the frame there are hooks to secure the firebag and on the very top mounting points to connect the grill and the roasting spit to the frame.

  •  Firebag 

The bag that hangs between the legs of the frame is made out of 304 stainless steel wire mesh. This is like a fabric, woven out of very thin stainless steel wires. It is very strong and durable against the heat of the fire and ideal for this portable firepit, because it is also flexible and much lighter than regular steel plate.

The wire mesh makes the fire burn better because more oxygen can get to the fire and lets you enjoy the fire better as the heat of the fire can radiate out.

Cooking features 

  • Grill

Grill rolled up:

The grill we designed for the Folding Campfire Stand  also needed to be compactstrong and light. This grill is also made out of food save 304 stainless steel. It is strong  and easy to clean.

We made the grill out of steel rods that are connected on both side by a steel wire. This makes a flexible grill that can be rolled up. To make the grill a strong solid surface, there are two steel rods that connect to the grill and follow the length of the steel wires on each side of the grill. 

The grill connects in to the holes on top of the frame to make one solid structure. We have tested the grill and the frame up to 10kg without any problems.

  • Roasting spit

The roasting spit makes the outdoor cooking experience complete! The spit is made specially for the Folding Campfire Stand . It is also designed to compact and lightweight. The spit itself is made up out of 3 parts that screw together into one long spit. This spit fits on the Folding Campfire Stand  with 2 brackets that screw into the legs of the Folding Campfire Stand .

On the point side, the spit and its bracket are round so it can turn easy. On the side of the handle the rod of the spit and the bracket are square which makes it possible to lock it in place so the spit can't turn further of back.

Specs and materials

  • Compact storing

 All parts of the Folding Campfire Stand and its features  are designed so that they can be folded, rolled up or screwed together. Although it is large, it can be packed very compact.

Every part has its on place in the roll-up cover bag. This cover bag is specially design for the Folding Campfire Stand and makes it very easy and compact to store or carry. Even if your are not planning to take all the accessories with you.

  •  Durabel materials 

All the parts and features of the Folding Campfire Stand  are made out of 304 stainless steel. Except for the handle of the spit which is made out of walnut wood. This makes it a high quality and durable product. 

The 304 stainless steel is food save and easy to clean and maintain. 

  •  Weight and dimensions
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